Being at the whims of others isn’t always a good thing. Our primary mission is – and will always be – to help our valued customers achieve greater control of their energy needs during good times and bad.

Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind’s most fundamental state is freedom from worry. From buying a small portable generator to hiring GBP to create full scale energy autonomy you can count on us to get it right the first time.

Energy Choice

Choices provide greater opportunities. Imagine if you could only choose one car, cell phone, or food vendor. We endeavor to grow energy options for all Americans – even when you may not choose us.

A Message From The CEO:

At the root of all transactions lies the fundamental concept of choice. As your choices diminish you lose the ability to govern your own affairs as you see fit. I started Great Basin Power because of my interaction with a large energy firm whose culture from top to bottom oozed dominance over its customers. Their position as the primary provider created a distinct tone present within each conversation – it’s our way or the highway buddy.

So I chose the highway.

While this isn’t the place for philosophical musings it is the place to paint a picture about what drives us as a firm – what I hope sets us apart from other providers you may have been forced to buy from over the years. This painting isn’t a masterpiece or an abstract; rather, a child could create it within moments simply and eloquently. The center of this picture revolves around the notion of respect and being mindful that we can’t possibly flourish without truly caring about each customer’s welfare.

You know and I know when someone is behaving without sincerity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the phone with a company whose employee, if they were permitted to do so, would blurt “I’m just going through the motions.” Perhaps you’ve reached out to a firm only to encounter a smarmy reception of awkward silence where it’s clear they desire to make you feel uncomfortable – as though you’ve intruded on them.

This is my pet peeve. Human decency. Serving each other because we still like each other as people. Taking time to understand. Listening accurately. Being patient when things are not perfect. A person’s response to you – or anybody else – is rooted in their fundamental respect for others. To that end, I appreciate that we all have bad days; however, if your day is made worse from disrespect by any one of our representatives I want to know about it. By the same token, should a GBP associate add value to your day or demonstrate clear interest in making your life better, I want to know about that too.

Thank you for reading.

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