Changing Energy Delivery

The world sits at the front end of a dramatic shift in how energy is produced, distributed, stored, and used. This shift will increasingly place innovators and power giants at odds, especially if new technologies threaten their business footprint. A great example of this rift can be seen in Idaho where private companies and property owners find themselves at odds with the utility over net metering and future solar policies.

Rather than fight the giants, Great Basin Power brings a new approach to the business by integrating existing utility systems with innovators and delivery partners to return greater control, savings, and certainty to you. Specifically, this blended business model centers around a strategy we termed “The Core 4.” We believe this model represents the future of the energy industry. Indeed, the Dawn of An Era.



Combine centralized systems with distributed delivery network



Employ multiple energy sources to optimize efficiency at reduced cost



Vendors work together to keep each customer’s best interests paramount.



Create energy baskets to protect customers from centralized failure points