Great Basin Power partners with Generac, the world’s leading standby generator maker. We ship anywhere in the United States both to homes and businesses, up to 150Kw systems. In each category below, clicking see systems brings up Generac’s entire inventory, pricing guides, and sizing tools. Sizing tools are strictly estimates and, unless you are certain about your system size we strongly recommend that you speak with one of our consultants to review your needs and special considerations. Misconfiguring your system can be… well… no fun.



Depending on the location of your property and the critical need for uptime, Great Basin Power may recommend added layers of physical security ranging from standard fencing to more robust solutions including raised installations, gated enclosures and in ground vehicle barriers. Your consultant will address this important aspect of your installation during the evaluation phase.

Generac’s website offers excellent guidance on what you might expect to pay for an installation. Where possible, we install your system at a 25% discount from Generac’s recommendations. Obviously, many factors can impact the cost of your installation – sometimes significantly. We clearly articulate and identify all components of installation expense so you can make an informed decision.

When choosing the best fit for your home or business, it’s important to not under-configure your backup generator. Give your self some room to add an appliance or some other energy consumption device. Back up systems aren’t cheap so you don’t want to put yourself in a frustrating position where your generator doesn’t meet your needs correctly both today and a year or two from now. This is such a critical point that Great Basin Power will not install a system without an energy use audit in advance.

We provide free In Home Consultations using Generac’s industry leading configuration software. Given realities and risks related to Covid we offer virtual assessments or outside walk arounds where requested. If you live with any serious condition or CDC identified risk factor please let us know before arriving to your property. Please schedule about 30-60 minutes for this consultation.

Regardless of the size of your permanent system, it’s absolutely imperative that you do not install your system without required permits or, worse, out of code. Doing so puts your family’s safety at risk and presents major insurance problems should faulty work or an unpermitted system cause a mishap. Anyone who tells you that they’ll install your system illegally should be avoided. All of our installers are licensed, insured and in good standing electrical contractors.

If you are actively considering solar, switching to propane or gas appliances, desiring battery backup, exploring a geothermal installation, or adding some other form of energy driven system please bring this up in advance of purchasing your system. These types of changes greatly affect the size generator type and size

Many lending options exist to help you get into your system comfortably. Options include Generac credit through synchrony bank, credit unions, and in house financing through Simple Pay. Terms typically range from 60-180 months at favorable interest rates and no prepayment penalties.